College-Bound Strategy Advising

Do you understand how early testing can affect course selection and high school class placement?

Are you unsure about how to guide your child into AP and Honors classes when they conflict with extracurricular activities?

Are you interested in creating the best possible opportunity for either an academic or athletic scholarship?

Designing Steps to Academic Success can help!

Is Early Preparation Necessary?
How many times have you picked up a newspaper or magazine to read about parents who have their pre-school children tutored in order to give them the best possible advantage in getting accepted to a premier elementary school?  And, how many of us continue to be taken aback by this phenomenon?  Yet, upon further analysis, most of us would have to admit that instilling in our children the idea that early preparation is the key to a successful academic career is a good idea if approached reasonably.

Why Start Early?
Early preparation is the philosophy of Designing Steps to Academic Success -- middle school is the perfect time to begin in order to ensure that you and your student will be able to

  • Select classes wisely
  • Understand the benefits of Advanced Placement/Honors classes and GPA
  • Determine most appropriate after-school activities
  • Document athletic, academic, leadership and remarkable involvement

By considering your student’s natural abilities, aims and preferences, I will work with you to strategically plan for his ultimate college preparation.  There are many age-appropriate activities and practices that enhance the planning process and relieve the stress that often occurs during the junior year of high school. Course selection and talent recognition are important in determining a strong and standout high school path.  

Getting the Most

After decades of counseling students and families about college admissions, two conclusions stand out:

1) Parents want the very best for their children.
2) Parents want the biggest bang for their bucks.

Designing Steps to Academic Success understands the pitfalls to avoid and the tenets to be followed for successful transitions from middle school to high school to college.  At every step of the process, course selection and talent recognition are imperative in determining a strong and standout student.   



Improvement Starts Today!

If you are concerned about getting a head start on the college selection process, schedule a private appointment with Designing Steps to Academic Success today. My initial consultation is free.  By understanding your goals and existing accomplishments, I can determine exactly how to help your student in the quest to be accepted to the college of his or her choice.

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