Comprehensive Packages

Initial Consultation-
Discussion of service options, fees and general student and family background information.  This consultation gives both the family and the consultant an opportunity to clarify needs and expectations on the part of both parties.  The meeting is free of charge and designed to be an important step prior to making a decision to enter a formal agreement.

Middle School Package-
This package is geared to students in sixth, seventh or eighth grade with an emphasis on early planning for college.  A minimum of five (5) one hour meetings is recommended, however the number of hours my vary depending upon student/parent requests.  This service may include the following:

  • Standardized Testing Interpretation
  • Short  and Long Range Goal Setting
  • Short and Long Range Course Selection Planning
  • Extra Curricular Activity Evaluation and Recommendations
  • Summer Activity Evaluation and Enrichment Recommendations
  • Study Skills, Organization Skills, and Time Management Assessment and Recommendations. (This service may be chosen independently by special request)
  • Learning Style Assessment/Discussion and Recommendations For Application
  • Career Interest Inventory Testing/Discussion

High School Freshman and Sophomore Package- 
This package is intended for the student who wants an early start in college planning and may have the goal of entering a particular type of college or university or may want to become a recruited athlete with the hopes of garnering an athletic scholarship. Like the Middle School Package, a minimum of five (5) meetings is recommended but may vary according to stated needs.  This service includes the following:  

  • Course Selection Advisement
  • PSAT, SAT, SAT Subject Test, ACT, and AP Recommendations and Time-Line
  • Extra Curricular Activities Advisement
  • Summer Enrichment Advisement
  • Academic Record, Grades and Test Scores Review, Interpretation, and Discussion
  • Career Interest Inventory Assessment (By special request)
  • Career/College Major Discussion Based Upon Results of Interest Inventory
  • Athletic Recruitment Advisement (If Appropriate to long range goals)
  • College Education Financing-Process and Overview
  • Visual and Performing Artists Advisement (If appropriate to long-range goals)
  • Test Prep Advisement
  • Learning Style Assessment (By special request)
  • Early College Visitation Recommendations
  • Navigating High School Discussion and Advisement

High School Junior And Senior Package- 
This package is the final two-year phase of the college planning process designed to take a personalized, detailed and thorough approach to college planning up through and including the end of the senior year. A minimum of ten (10) meetings is recommended but may vary according to student needs. This service includes the following:

  • Transcript and Standardized Testing History-Review and Assessment
  • Course Selection Advisement
  • PSAT, SAT, SAT Subject Test, ACT, and AP Recommendations and Time-Line
  • Summer Activities Advisement
  • Self-Analysis Questionnaire-Thorough Discussion of What Student Desires in a College Setting
  • Customized List of Colleges (Based upon results of Self-Analysis Questionnaire and Academic Profile)
  • College Research Advisement ( Based upon latest technology, journals, books, visitations, etc.)
  • College Visitation and Evaluation Advisement
  • College Information Organization Recommendations
  • Scholarship List and Recommendations for Researching Additional Scholarships
  • Financial Aid Overview and Process
  • Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and College Scholarship Service Profile (CSS Profile) Time-Line for Applications
  • College Essay Brainstorming and Tips for Executing
  • College Application Review
  • College Resume - Recommended Template(s)
  • College Decision- Deferral and/or Wait List- Advisement
  • Alumni or College-based Interviewing-Advisement
  • Career Interest Inventory (special request only)
  • Athletic Recruitment (special request only)
  • Teacher Recommendations-Advisement
  • Visual and Performing Artist Advisement (special request only)
  • Awards and Special Opportunity Competitions- Advisement
  • College Application Process- Action and Time-Line Advisement
  • Early Admission Plans- Clarification and Advisement
  • Follow-up Questionnaire At End of Student's First Semester of College-(student/family permission required)

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