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Is your department unsure of how to keep step with national school counseling standards?

Are the counselors within the same department using disparate counseling methods creating inequality of services to students?

Are the student transcript packages that you create informative, easily deciphered and professional-looking in appearance?

Is your counseling department using the latest in school counseling technology?

Is the perception of your counseling department positive among students, parents, and colleagues?

Designing Steps to Academic Success can help!

Meeting a National Standard
Realizing the need to standardize the Guidance/School Counseling profession for the good of all students, two members of the Governing Board of the American School Counselor Association took on the monumental task of developing the ASCA National Model: A Framework for School Counseling Programs.

If your middle school or high school department or school district is interested in raising departmental standards or developing a unified and consistent approach to better serve your students, Designing Steps to Academic Success can help.

A Process for Standardization
Utilizing the National Standards for Comprehensive School Counseling Programs, Designing Steps to Academic Success observes, interviews, reviews and assesses current practices and career tools. After evaluating all findings, I will outline specific recommendations for building a comprehensive counseling program that addresses the personal/social, educational/academic, and career goals for all students in a developmental, consistent, and sequential manner. The following areas will be addressed:

  • Guidance curriculum for each grade level
  • Physical facilities of counseling suite advisement
  • Printed resources for counselors and students advisement
  • Computer resources for counselors and students
  • Outreach programs for students and parents
  • High school profile suggestions
  • SAT/ACT student scores analyses
  • SAT/ACT test prep activities
  • Counselor written college recommendation suggestions
  • Scholarships and awards received by the graduates- analyses and suggestions
  • State post high school report analysis
  • Demographics of school community – relationship to counseling services
  • Survey of services by students, parents, and faculty
  • Counselor to student ratio advisement
  • Course selection process analysis and advisement
  • Programs for talented and at risk students - analysis and advisement
  • Availability of career speakers, college recruiters, technical/vocational recruiters, visual and performing arts professionals to assist in post high school planning analysis
  • Relationship of school counselors to child study team and student assistance counselor professionals - recommendations
  • Survey of counselor “wish list”
  • Community partnerships and resources - analysis and advisement
  • Professional development of counseling staff - analysis and advisement
  • Professional memberships of counseling staff advisement

Results to Benefit Everyone
According to the American School Counselor Association, school counseling services should fit neatly under the categories of

  • Curriculum, 
  • Individual Student Planning, 
  • Responsive Services, and 
  • System Support. 

Using this model, Designing Steps to Academic Success will clarify the role of the School Counselor for students, teachers, subject matter supervisors, administrators, and School Board members; and will provide a yardstick for evaluation of guidance and counseling services.


Improvement Starts Today!

If your school is determined to improve your student guidance and counseling services but don’t know where to begin, schedule an in-house private appointment with Designing Steps to Academic Success today.  My initial consultation is always free and I can determine if our evaluation services are beneficial to your department or district.

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