Study Skills Counseling

Does your youngster study long hours but continues to yield poor results?

Is your student getting poor grades when you know s/he can achieve more?

Is your youngster disorganized, forgetful and frustrated?

Are you frustrated because you don’t know how to help?

Designing Steps to Academic Success can help!

The Root of the Problem
Most often than not, poor grades are not received because a student has not studied at all; rather the poor grades are often the result of inefficient or ineffective study skills.  Unfortunately, many students do not discover what study methods work for him or her until college, where there are often support systems built in for first year students.  

Study Skills Development
The services offered by Designing Steps to Academic Success expand upon traditional, core study skills such as note-taking, test-taking and time management. Students are evaluated to determine the best study skills for their personality and academic goals through a thorough analysis of present habits and methods. The study skills breakdown will be presented to you and your student as precise, written suggestions for more effective studying methods based in large part on his/her learning style(s).  

Maximized Learning
Depending upon your child’s needs, I will develop study habits that focus on specific problem areas to determine the best ways to improve grades and study productivity!

  • Long and short range goal setting
  • Values clarification
  • Intrinsic and extrinsic motivation
  • Tackling procrastination
  • Improving memory
  • Organizational tips
  • Study environment
  • Internet usage
  • Library usage
  • In-school vs. in-home learning
  • Understanding learning styles
  • Suggested tools and materials for optimal learning
  • Note-taking/test-taking/time management

Start Young
While it is never too late to start (even college and returning students can improve their study skills!), middle-school and high school students have the best chance of improving their own academic success by starting early.




Designing Steps to Academic Success
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